Friday, April 09, 2010

Book Publicity

Today 9 April 2010 was the first time I did a radio interview. Although I had a good idea about the questions I would be asked to answer, I hesitated a few times. I hadn't expected the interviewer to change the conversational tone she had used 'off-air' to a completely different one when the recording was being done! That took me by surprise and I forgot what I had wanted to say! Penny, the interviewer, was very helpful. She made signs to encourage me to say something when she saw that I was stuck. There were things that were swimming in my head and they were getting entangled with each other.

But with editing the radio interview turned out okay. It was broken into two and aired two consecutive Monday nights.

The radio interview is nothing compared to a TV interview where people can see you in all your unglory! And soon, I allowed myself to be placed in the hot seat. Arrrggh! All to say: My book is out there people!

The TV interview was done by a writer who has written 20 books! "I write every day," he told me. "Every night from 10 to midnight, I'll be on my computer." I was too embarrassed to tell him I only write when I am 'in the mood'.

The crew came to the my house. My neighbours' eyes popped out of their heads when they saw the camera man lugging this huge equipment, and there was a sound man, a lighting man plus the interviewer and their driver. There was no rehearsal but we did a few takes. I didn't dare watch the whole thing when it was finally aired on Selamat Pagi.

And an old friend called me imediately after. She was excited for me. The last time we had spoken was more than three years ago. I was actually hoping more old friends would find me.

Wouldn't you?

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