Thursday, July 08, 2010


My friends not only planned the book launch, they also brought the cakes!

Meg brought chocolate cakes to fulfill a pledge she and Toni had made. I was so touched when she said she brought the cakes in memory of Toni (who had passed away several days before the launch.) Toni had insisted that she'd make and bring some cakes although I told her it'd be too troublesome.

I know she was at the book launch in spirit. She had been so supportive.

The other Tina and daughter, Cynthia, made one hundred little cupcakes with a footprint-shaped icing atop each one. They were pale blue and pink and green and were the cutest! Unfortunately, I didn't notice the footprint on my cake until I had gobbled it up. I was so hungry -- after the interview and book signing -- that I didn't take time to appreciate the decorations on the cupcakes.

It was also unfortunate that I didn't have time to chat with the guests except when I was signing their books. The interview with the press had taken so many precious minutes and by the time I joined the guests for refreshment, most of those who hadn't bought a book had gone.

Maybe it is a good idea to have the interview after the event is over. For the next launch.

On the whole, it was a good launch and the press did help to spread the 'news'.

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