Thursday, August 05, 2010


distract vb DIVERT: to draw (the attention or mind) to a different object.

That's the definition I found in the dictionary. And that's what I look for-- distractions, I mean-- when I'm in front of the blank computer screen getting ready to wring the words out of my brain. It's never easy getting the words out especially on days they play hide-and-seek with me.

I wonder how people seem to string pretty words together so effortlessly. Or do they also sweat and tear out their hair like me?

I find that ideas kind of pop out when I'm reading. When the writer says something, there's an interaction. And I'd have something to say too. But by the time I have finished reading, the ideas have gone. Have flown away like butterflies. What I need is a net to catch these butterfly-ideas so I'll have a store of ideas and topics to write about. Then I won't have to look for distractions.

What do you do when the words refuse to land on your screen? I heard that some writers clean their kitchens, mop the floors, eat, run, chat on the phone, climb mountains. I play Scrabble. It's the only game left on my computer. I often play one game after another. Then I'd wonder where all the time went to.

When you can't write a single sensible sentence what do you do?


  1. With me, it'll be days of utter havoc. I'll pick fights with my fiancĂ© (he's the only punching bag that counters with a response), I'll spent weeks re-read books from my favourite authors – most likely finishing half ways, I'll be on Facebook and putting up a 'warrior' show and get super excited at the sights of 'likes' and responds I get from my friends, or whoever that seems to like whatever I’m posting. Yes, most likely 95% of my time I’ll be on the internet trying to fill the void that was left by my stubborn-writer’s-block-dilemma.

    So during the whole time while I’m on my unlikely writing vacation I try to reconnect the creative side of me with my favourite writers through their blogs. I post comments on the stuffs that they wrote that touched me in a way. I try to be more than just a fan by sending them emails, well that’s what I did for Jennifer Lawler. Just trying my best to stay in contact within the writer’s circle because they’re the only people who could understand me and what I’m going through. And indeed it has been very encouraging when they actually responded.

    Maybe we should have tea together, sometimes. And I’m liking your blog too. In a way you’re teaching me to be bold myself in my writings. Although the technical stuffs can be quite intimidating but if I believe it enough I sure will pull it together. Thank you once again for this space that you’ve created.

  2. Hi Melissa!
    Thank you for visiting my space and reading my ramblings. It's so lovely to hear from somebody who writes! I've only ever sent an email to one writer and he did respond and was very nice. But I feel intimidated by their being 'famous'!
    My current distraction is 'Writer's blox' (I think it's called) on Fb. Spend 15 minutes every day. No more Scrabble.
    All the best with your writing!