Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shouting from the Rooftops

A few years ago, anyone who told me I’d be receiving royalty payment for a book would have got a piece of my mind. Why? I’d be quite convinced that he was sniggering behind my back and making fun of me and my not-so-secret dream of writing a book!

But yesterday I received an email from my publisher telling me that my first-ever royalty cheque is on the way. Yay!

The amount is mere pin money but that’s not important. Getting paid is a bonus because when readers like my book the pleasure is mine too. Also, I’m somewhat amused that as long as people are reading my book, I’ll still be communicating with them even when I’m dead.

I’m only sorry my father didn’t live to see the book. I know he’d have been surprised but pleased to see that I have written about the good old days. I can imagine him flipping through the pages, his eyes twinkling and a smile playing on his lips.

My mother thinks it’s no big deal, this book writing thing. When I showed her the first copy my sister sent from KL—Rita couldn’t wait for my own order (crossing the South China Sea in a boat, to safe on postage) to reach me—when I showed her the book with her picture in it, Mama wasn’t impressed at all! It was as though anyone could have their pictures inserted in a book. 

I’m sure my father’s response would have been quite different. So the next time I balik kampong, I’m buying some flowers to put on his grave—a small token to say ‘thank you for sending me to school and for instilling in me the importance of family and culture.’

Dear reader, excuse me for the sin of vanity: angkat bakul sendiri. I’m blowing my trumpet and shouting from the rooftops because this doesn't happen to me every day. I also want to remind would-be-writers to pursue their dreams of getting published! Cheers!

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  1. Hi Tina it has been a long while since the last time I made my comment.It is really indeed very nice piece of news that you are tasting the fruit of your labor for successfully got your first book published and sold. I am sure you will cherished your first chque of your royalty payment even though it may be just a small amount in the beginning and you can never tell when the reprint of your book it may come as a surprise to you. Anyway congratulation to you and I share your happiness.

    Your mum may not appreciate your success but she is blessed to have a daughter who is on the way to be a good writer because many people like your way of writing.

    I am Looking forward to read your second book and that many more to come. Cheers to you!!!

  2. Tina dearest,
    Congrats on your first royalty cheque. :-)

    My sister has bought a copy of your book for me. It hasn't reached me yet though, she decided to read it first before sending it. Can't wait for it!


  3. I dont look at this as blowing your own trumpet. Let's say it's an advertisement.

    But if you feel the other way around, yes, why not. People need to know the existence of your work/s and the better person to make that happen is you. I read somewhere about the launching of your book not too long ago but did not have any idea if it's already on sale. I know now. I'll wait for it to be availabe at Popular, Harris or Zenithway perhaps.

    BTW, the link that you put up here direct me to their Welcome page. May I suggest you link it instead right to the page that talks about your book.

    Maybe this link here:

    Floyd, Kota Kinabalu.

  4. Hi All! Thanks for visiting and taking the time to leave some comments!

    @Andrew: A second book? Ahh, I wish I have some of your confidence.

    @Gunaqz: I've a feeling you'll like the book. Can't wait for you to read it too. Please tell me your reaction when you're done!

    @Dict, with a T: Thanks! Waiting for more of your short stories.

    @Floyd: Thanks for adding yourself to the short list of followers. I appreciate the helpful suggestion and will change the link as soon as I figure out the 'technicalities'. The book is available at all the places you've mentioned. You can try Borneo Books on the ground floor at W. Merdeka too. Thanks for your interest and hoping you'll like the book!

  5. Congrats Tina! That's very inspiring :)

  6. Thanks, Lizee! *takes a bow*