Saturday, June 04, 2011


Someone said the first ones to greet you on The Other Side are your pet animals. (Or animals you’ve met if you had no pets?) A scary thought if we’re horrid to animals!

Remember the poodle I blogged about not too long ago? Remember the dog that was caught on video being abused by a girl just because she was going through a rough patch? There’re countless animals who are ill-treated or not getting the attention they deserve because their human owners are A) couldn’t be bothered B) are tired of them C) think abusing animals is fun D) worse than animals E) all of the above.

Most people I know find baby animals absolutely adorable. However, there are pet owners whose love for their pets grow smaller as their animals grow bigger. As a result, the animals may be disowned, discarded and dispersed in deserted back lanes where they turn into strays—if they haven’t had their lives bashed out of them.

I don’t have to tell you the problems caused by these stray animals. We’ve read or heard about dogs running in packs and ending up terrorizing innocent pedestrians. We’ve seen strays play catch-us-if-you-can with speeding vehicles and many games have ended in less than pretty sights.

President of SPCA,KK
Fortunately, there are concerned citizens all over the world who form societies such as SPCA to look after the welfare of these unfortunate animals… all animals including fish and birds; bears and monkeys and crocodiles; not just domesticated ones. Anybody can join SPCA and help to prevent cruelty against animals. You may want to join your local one, too!

We learnt a lot from the recent talk given by the current president of the local SPCA, Mr.  Mohammad Iskandar. He also told us that the SPCA receives many calls from members of the public to inform the society about stray animals all over KK. SPCA would rescue the animals and place them in the animal shelter built for these animals where they are cared for and where those with illnesses and injuries are attended to by vets.

Cloudy and her puppies
Among the animals the local SPCA has saved is Cloudy, a bitch with puppies. A cord tied around Cloudy’s abdomen had made a deep cut across her belly and could have exposed her innards had she not been rescued in time.  Another victim, dubbed City Mall Dog, had a horrendous head injury, no doubt caused by someone who has a cold, hard rock—not a soft, tender heart—in his chest.

People looking for pets are encouraged to take animals from the animal shelter instead of buying them from the pet shops. Those who love animals but don’t have suitable accommodations—because they live in small apartments or they’ve very limited space—can still adopt pets from the animal shelter. The pet’s ‘adoptive’ owner pays for the upkeep of his pet, visits, feeds and spends time with his pet but the adopted animal lives at the shelter. It’s like sending your child to an asrama—a boarding school—where weekend visits are allowed!

City Mall Dog
Feeding and taking care of the animals at the shelter cost money so the SPCA holds fund-raising events and welcomes donations in cash and kind from animal-lovers and well-wishers. For RM35 anyone can become a member of SPCA for one year. (Some people like to test the water first before committing themselves for life! And that’s quite understandable!).  A life membership costs RM250. As a member you receive discounts when you buy pet food and pet accessories in participating stores.

One of the reasons why the local SPCA holds talks is to educate the public about SPCA and its responsibilities and it hopes the public spread the message: Stop being cruel to animals.

While the local SPCA is doing a commendable job, (Great job, SPCA!), I'm sure everyone who loves animals would want to help protect and speak up for the voiceless animals. 

I’m doing my bit by posting this entry. I’m adding my voice to the chorus. Animals feel hunger and thirst and pain just like we do. Help to stop cruelty against them. Be a voice for the helpless animals.

So the next time you’re out in the coffee shop and a cat comes nuzzling up your foot for some attention, remember, it’s not a football. And if your friend kicks it because kicking an animal gives him a kick, remind him gently about the animals which would greet him on The Other Side.

Let me end with something for us to mull over: how a person treats animals is a good indicator of how he treats people.

Pictures courtesy of SPCA, KK


  1. I posted this in my blog sometime ago. There's Bush, a lovely black dog that was abused so badly that he lost a left eye and dislocated jaw. The result? Bush became violent and went crazy whenever he saw someone with a stick, broom and rope and will attack them. Had he been in the streets a little more longer, Bush will be just another statistic of strays being killed by heartless monsters.

    Recently a newspaper reported that a dog attacked a little child to death, but another newspaper reported that the real story is that the dog is actualy tried to save the child from drowning, hence it tried to pull the child to safety but failed. See what the media tried to do here?

    People had this idea that all strays are bad dogs, harmful...stray cats are dirty and diseased; yet they forgot its the human that turns these innocent lives that way. Be kind to animals, you never knew in what way they can repay your kindness.

    Be a responsible pet owner.

  2. A big hug for you for writing this entry, Tina. You know how much I loveee animals, you've just made my day by posting this.

    I was actually thinking of becoming a member or our SPCA KK after reading chegu carol's post on their trips to the center. Although I've left home, I'm still sending money home for my pets' food on monthly basis. I'm lucky to have my brother to look after them. I'll find out if they do online registration, I'll sign up ASAP if they do.

    I'm very happy knowing our people are now start to have awareness of animal cruelty. Thank you for spreading the words, Tina. I'll post on this soon, hopefully after I become a member.

    **Your quote sounds familiar, have you read the e-book I sent you?

  3. Hi all! Thanks for leaving your comments. It good to know that you're animal-lovers.
    I don't have any pet at the moment... except one ikan karuk! The stray cat disappeared. I hope it found a good home.
    Sorry to say I haven't read the ebook, Gunaqz. Will do one of these days.