Sunday, June 19, 2011

Don’t Let Crappy People Spoil Your Day

We thought going late for lunch was a clever way of avoiding the lunch-hour crowd.
But it looked like lots of people had the same idea. So Sonny, Robbie (my nephew) and I stood in the five-foot way and hoped we didn’t have to wait long for a table. It would be very embarrassing if I were so hungry that I’d keel over or have a panic attack. (Strange things happen to me when my blood-sugar level dips.)

Lunch was served at 2.30

You know what it’s like when you’re waiting for something. Two minutes is a long time. Five minutes is forever. This is especially true when you’re waiting for that person to drive out of a parking spot while you’re holding up a mile of cars behind you. As you control the urge to lean on your horn,  that dim-witted Gaman casually gets into his car, closes his door, opens it again to get out and check his front tyres, gets in, adjusts the rear-view mirror, combs his hair and puts on his sun-glasses before he drives out of the parking lot at the speed of a sleepy snail. If you felt like screaming, I don’t blame you. We all have good days and, occasionally, terrible ones.
 It was on one of my not-so-good days when we decided to eat out and, apparently, half the residents of KK decided to eat at the same restaurant. After waiting some fifteen-twenty minutes, I was glad when one of the proprietors waved us over. A group was just leaving. Gratefully, we stood at the table as a waiter cleared and cleaned it. 

Imagine our shock when a couple casually walked over and immediately plonked themselves at OUR table! 

Hello! Did we suddenly become invisible? Or were the man and woman really ghosts only we could see? I was too flabbergasted and angry to say anything!
“Do you want to share the table?” Sonny asked. He wasn’t giving up.

“No,” I replied. “I might choke on my food if I had to face those pea-brained nincompoops.” I didn’t say the sentence aloud. No point having a tantrum and starting a brawl and making it into the Daily Express the following day.  Just imagine the headline: Elderly woman in hot soup for pouring hot soup on couple!
The driver who grabbed the parking lot

In the same league with that obnoxious couple, are people who jump queues by squeezing themselves in front of you at check-out counters—or going straight to the head of the line—and motorists who grab the parking space you’ve been waiting for—with your signal lights (and eyes) flashing menacingly that anyone with the tiniest bit of intelligence knows exactly what your intention is.

I had an encounter with such a driver a few months ago. There I was, signal lights flashing, waiting for Driver A to get out of the parking lot. Driver A was hardly out when Driver B who was a few cars behind me zoomed into the space. (Giving way for the held-up vehicles to pass before attempting to park was a stupid act of courtesy on my part.) I could only say stupidstupidstupidstupid. Not a glance came from Driver B. Not a furtive look. Instead he poked his head into his car and kept it there for a long while. Maybe he thought I’d go away. I did but only after taking his picture.
I just can’t understand why people have no sense shame when they grab at something they know someone else has been waiting for.

Just like the couple who took our table, the man who took the parking space acted like nothing was amiss.  It probably wasn’t the first time they had done what they did. Survival of the fittest? Hah, it’s more like survival of the rudest, most obnoxious, shameless jackasses.
What kind of idiots makes your blood boil? The doctor who makes a diagnosis by flipping through your six-month old case notes without actually reading them? The sales-assistant who follows your every move as if convinced you were a shoplifter? Or tells you: ‘Don’t ask if you don’t have the money to pay’? The boss who expects a ten-hour job to be finished in one hour? 

Don’t let the jerks spoil your day! Cheers!


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  2. Hahahaha.... I know that feeling. I also hate any 'queue' jumper and the best thing is if it happens to them. They will the one that will make very huge issue out of it :)

  3. ah...lots of things can trigger me at the instant...crappy ppl? tell me abt it... =.=|||

  4. you shud let it out the moment those nincompoops took your table teacher hehe..last month, me too had this i'm-gonna-kill moment with some baldy guy somewhere in Damai...imagine my already crappy day getting worse...

    his car is parked(blocking) right in front of mine and of course, a honk as a signal for the moron to pop outta nowhere and move his damn honda accord. long story short, it took about 20min for him to finally emerged and while at it, giving me a cold stare like i'm the one who's guilty...what the #$%@! i waited almost half hour and plus, the cold stare??

    of course i'm giving him back the sight and when i'm finally out, another honk and the finger just for him...if there's any chance this'll happen again with the same person, i might've to kill him, seriously.......just kidding hehe..

    and yes, i'm with you teacher! it’s more like survival of the most rudest, absurdly obnoxious, shameless jackasses...

  5. and that's why I prefer my small town Beaufort.

  6. Hi Tina,
    I was amused reading this but in the same time feeling geram as well. I have encountered a lot of blood boiling experiences with our people all over Malaysia. Not in KK only. Maybe it's a nationwide mentality?

    Am I glad or what now that I am living in a country where queuing up rules come in mind automatically at train station, cash out counter or practically everywhere! The same with saying thank you, giving bus/train seat priority to those who need them the most, being polite and considerate to others ... and may I apologies / praise where it's due?

    I hope our next generation will grasp the idea of kindness and politeness. Kesian our people, sama rata juga pakai modern gadgets macam orang lain tapi masih x faham perbuatan membuang sampah dari tingkap kereta n membuang tahi di public toilet tanpa mem-flush mangkuk adalah ermm...stupid?

  7. Hi Tina,
    been there many times and I seriously think that there's something wrong with the people in our place...I wonder what will it take to change the mindset of those people.

  8. Hi Tina

    Yeah, I've been there many times! And yes, they always spoil my day. :/

  9. Hi all! Thanks for leaving comments.

    So we've all been victims and have resisted the urge to scream at the bullies! Small town people are better behaved maybe because you're more likely to know each other.

    Ahh, if only our town folks could be taught to be civilized like the people in your city, Gunaqz!
    Here it's the victim yang takut... like Glen described. People do you wrong and instead of being apologetic, they give you dirty looks!

  10. Hi Lizee!! How are you? I was wondering about you. Didn't hear from you for a long time... was it since the earthquake? I missed your blog and have been checking for updates! Take care!