Friday, November 02, 2012

Boxer the Cat

Beautiful Boxer

My friends would remember Boxer.
One of three siblings

He was born on 23 May 2012. Here he is at two weeks.
Even loud bangs and sneezes startled him.

He was the most timid in the litter so we decided to keep him and give away his mama and two pretty siblings.
Showing Whiskers how to wait for the birds

Another stray came to stay. Boxer showed Whiskers how to groom herself; how to hunt for birds.
A haha moment

Together they made us laugh.
Yesterday, so ill he couldn't lift his head.

Yesterday we took Boxer to the vet. Some of his teeth were broken or loose. His gums bled and stained his nose and cushion. He didn’t eat all day. He just wanted to be by himself. Why would anyone want to attack a timid, little 5-month-old cat?

Today we buried Boxer.


  1. Oh dear, so sorry to hear that. My thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Must be heart-wrenching, especially when the attachment is there already.

    I remember when my mum rang me from KL telling me that one of our kittens died instantaneously when attacked by the neighbour's dog. Same emotions I feel now reading your post.

  2. make sure he had at least fluids for energy. bodo the person who did that to Boxer!

  3. awww cute and clean cats.....I have 9 cats at home...but 1 died and 1 missing....and i cried so bad when my cat died, i just cant stand seeing a cat in pain....=(( poor Boxer... *i feel like crying reading this post =(*

  4. Dear all,
    Thank you for dropping by. Boxer was a fine cat. It was a shame someone injured him so severely that he died. We'll miss him.