Sunday, November 16, 2014

Another Birthday!

I celebrated another birthday last Wednesday.

The day started well enough with Princess, my 22-month-old grandkid, jumping out of bed as soon as she had opened her eyes. She went straight for her coloured pencils and poured them out of the box onto the bed. Then she picked up each one, held it high over her head and counted—like it was the most exciting thing to do—ONE, TWO, THREE up to ten... because she had only ten pencils. No faltering. She was all confidence. She even gave a repeat performance. I had wanted to take a picture but didn’t want to break the spell. Without knowing it, she had given me the best birthday present.

And that was the only present I had for my birthday if Mr. Hubby’s tapau-ed dinner didn’t count as a gift. Anyway, this time he didn’t ask: Do you want a cake? He must have just assumed that I didn’t want one! Or he must have figured out that if I wanted something I just go get it myself. No problem!

It was a pleasant surprise to receive countless messages and birthday greetings from virtual friends as well as real friends or people I’ve met. I know it’s so easy to just ignore the birthday reminders on Fb. Therefore, I’m touched that several friends took the trouble to send me messages. Bless their kind hearts.

My birthday wish is to have less drama and more serenity now that I’m old and cranky. The previous year has given us more than our share of dramas and hysterics. So this year I hope for peace in the house; peace in the heart.

I can’t sit back and just watch the grass grow. So I wish for good health too, in order to be useful to the folks around me-- instead of being a pain.

 There is a lot to look forward to. One—even old people like me—never stops learning.  There are many things to discover about this place we call home, about ourselves, about our neighbours and why some people are plonked in the middle of our paths.
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So here’s to a bright and productive year ahead! Happy birthday to me!

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