Monday, January 12, 2015

A Letter to the Princess

My darling Princess,

Today you turn two! 

How fast the two years have flown by. It seems like we brought you home from the hospital just a couple of months ago. You looked so fragile and small and scrawny and all you did was sleep.
One year old... a jab right after the birthday!

These days sleep is the last thing on your mind and you’d avoid napping if you could because there’re so many wonderful things to do: walk up and down the stairs; make stuff with play-doh; watch your favorite kiddie shows; ride your cart round and round the porch; kick ball; count the kicak playing on the ceiling… and do a hundred other things.  
Two years old... and a mouthful of teeth

Last year has been an amazing year. You learnt to walk. You conquered the stairs and discovered hopping. You’ve learnt to feed yourself, say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye… see you’ and ‘thank you’; wave and give high-5s. You also grew several inches and when you smile you show a mouthful of tiny baby teeth.
You’ve graduated from talking gibberish to producing a string of words which are often followed by that infectious laugh—the hahaha which I’m sure could wake up the neighbours if they happen to be napping.
Second birthday... fun with bubbles at the beach

The year saw you taking your first trip to the kampong, your first visit to the beach and you had the common cold for the first time too.
This year you’re going to discover and learn more and I can only guess what you’ll be able to do before the year is up. Just remember to take your time. There is no rush to do this, that and those.
You’re just a wee toddler and we want you to be a happy, carefree child as long as possible. 
A lovely cake to end the day.

Thank you for coming into our lives. Thank you for the smiles and laughter and for giving me the reason to sing again—never mind if the songs are only nursery rhymes and kiddie songs.

You are loved and you are very precious. Happy birthday, Princess!

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  1. What a touching post. Princess, continue to grow strongly in the love of your family with the blessings from God.