Thursday, June 30, 2016

To pumpkin or not to pumpkin…

I’ve learnt a bit about pumpkin-growing since my first vine several years ago. However, I’ve not been able to make my vines produce a pumpkin gourd as big as the very first one—a hefty 11kg.

Perhaps the soil is exhausted and needs to rest for a while… or maybe the garden needs a thick layer of fresh topsoil. Maybe I’m not feeding the vegetable plot with the right nutrients. I’ve tried using various organic fertilizers including homemade enzymes but the results have been disappointing.

So I might not be planting pumpkins for a while and there won’t be any pumpkins (to share) for several months. I might be planting other gourds or melons. Winter melon? Honey dew? Water melon? Or I might stick to tomatoes and corn. Or I might just sit around and twiddle my thumbs.

And grow old and cranky.

Pictures show how long I’ve been growing pumpkins… same baby different pumpkins.

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