Sunday, June 11, 2017

To be or not to be

A few months ago there was a sudden surge of visitors to this humble, seldom-updated blog. Of course I was curious. Who wouldn't be when the number of daily visitors jumped from the normal zero to three to 300?

I wondered if I had become an overnight sensation! I wondered who these people were that had 'strayed' into my blog. I checked and saw that Russians were at the top of the list. Not just 10, 20, 50 or 100. So I knew something weird was happening. Surely they hadn't come to read! What is there to read? I waited for something to happen. Nothing. Then after several days the number of visits did taper off... only to be replaced by a huge number of people from another country! I will never know the reason for the sudden surge of visitors.

Now it's back to normal and my visitors are mostly my fellow countrymen (or perhaps I should say women).

My dear readers, I wish I could spend more time on this blog but age is catching up and by the time the chores are done, the kiddo is tucked in bed and I’m not huffing and puffing, I'd be too tired to string words into coherent sentences. I could of course stop writing altogether but I don't want to kill this blog... even though it is the hidup-tak hidup-mati tak-mati variety. I guess I feel comfortable talking to faceless readers. They can't interrupt you like someone in the flesh could but they let you finish what you want to say without telling you they're better, smarter, stronger, wiser than you. Or if you are talking about misfortune, they can’t say they have worse luck, are suffering worse diseases and have worse in-laws than you do... You get the picture.

I noted that my ‘popular’ posts are about school and students... and the occasional posts illustrating my ho-hum life. Perhaps some former students and colleagues have stumbled on this blog? However, I think it’s quite unlikely that any of my former teacher-friends would have the time (or be interested) to read what I’ve shared here. A few have recently contacted me for some old school photos and after that there was only silence. I had actually expected to be told how the pictures—mainly my personal collection—were going to be used. I guess I had expected too much.

Well, unless I change my mind, I shall be writing mainly about the years I spent as a teacher... about students, teachers, events, heartache, headache... in short, the good, the bad and the ugly from my perspective. Maybe I should start a new blog just to tell about that part of my life. I'm not promising anything, though. I'm still at the thinking stage: to do or not to do; to be a thorn in some people’s flesh or to act goody-goody and be less than honest.

Long past long ago... we were squatters at SRK

 Let me sleep on it. Goodnight, everyone.

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