Sunday, October 31, 2010

Forward This Email Or Else

Your wish will come true within one week if you forward this message.

You’ll have bad luck unless you send this to three of your friends.

You have seven days left (to live) after reading this unless you forward it to your friends.

We’re all familiar with forwarded emails sent to our inboxes. Many are funny jokes. Some are inspirational messages. Others are helpful advice or useful information.

I frequently forward them to cheer, to inspire or to warn friends about potential dangers.

However, I find the above messages ‘irresponsible’ if not malicious. Those messages stop at me. They don’t get passed on.

Recently, a friend forwarded to me an email which contained a great trick supposedly by David Copperfield. It also had a clause which said I had seven days to live unless I passed it on. I wrote the sender, my good friend, a preachy little note. Among other things I said “I think it’s too big a burden to make a friend… a friend!... think that he has a mere seven days left unless he passes the ‘death’ to someone else”.

I know I was being melodramatic. I was just acting my age, people. A cranky, old woman!

Of course the forwarded email was meant to be a joke... but what bad taste! Suppose you sent that message to Mr. ABC and a calamity took place soon after. Like he lost his fortune or his job… or he kicked the bucket. Would you be able to just shrug your shoulders knowing that you’ve ‘contributed’ to his ill fortune or his passing on to the other side? I don’t know about you but I’d be devastated. I’m aware that the death, the bad fortune, etc may have nothing to do with the message—that it was just an unfortunate coincidence. Still…

Don’t you think we should draw the line somewhere? Forward what is good, funny and helpful. Ignore or discard those which are ‘too much’. The grouch in me says ‘send them back to the sender. Three copies for good measure.’

PS: I’m still good friends with Anthony but I’ve told him I won’t be opening any of his emails just yet. Hehe..

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  1. hai..wah mesti panggil cikgu juga ni bolehkah? :-)
    sebenarnya saya ex-arshad juga tapi 97-98 form 6 geo+sastera...mungkin cikgu sudah pindah..
    tidak sangka berjumpa di sini
    idea cikgu sudah saya pernah buat juga..tidak berkesan :-(, sebab skrin sudah terlampau teruk sampai gambar pecah2.
    --selalu terima email begini dulu2 hehe, takut mau buka..

  2. Hi MamaJnJ!
    Maybe I pindah you belum born lagi! Haha.. One of the teachers in Arshad, Miss Catherine, was my murid when she was primary one at St Edmund!
    About your laptop... kena sabar ja lah. Dan harap tak lama tunggu!
    Thanks for visiting!

  3. wah..ya masa saya di sana pun ada cikgu catherine, tidak sangka..berapa generasi sudah tu i'm 30 sudah..huhu
    sudah ada laptop pengganti ni, syukurlah