Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Headaches or Migraines?

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I think I finally understand what people mean when they talk about migraines…how the pain can consume all one's attention and how they can be so debilitating.

 I’ve had my share of headaches. Not often but frequently enough to see how they can ruin plans and turn me into my family’s nightmare. (Chores are left undone, meals don’t get cooked, when the maid—me—is forced to take a break.)

I’ve had this headache for two whole days now and it doesn’t look like it’s going to disappear soon.

The worst of my headaches had me walking on tip-toe, because touching the heels on the floor would send bolts of pain shooting upwards to burst inside the head. Like fireworks, except they aren’t pretty.

(The word 'migraine' comes from hemicrania which is Latin? for pain in one side of the head. Hemicrania according to my dictionary comes from the Greek hemikrania: hemi- half + kranion- cranium.)

This pain is confined to one half of my head. The whole half aches, including my cheek and the pain is heightened every few minutes. It feels like a pick is used to hit the back of my head. Every time the pick makes contact, I jump. It’s driving me half insane, this migraine.

Mr. Hubby suggested I took a pill. But I rarely take painkillers so I’ll resort to that later, maybe just before bedtime. What I really need is a shot of botox. Yes, botox. I read somewhere that people who had had the treatment to smoothen their frowns, also got rid of their migraines. Not a bad idea, eh? I’d be killing two birds with one stone! I wonder if there’s any doc around here who'd really believe that it’s the migraine I want to get rid of…

What’s the first thing you do when you feel a headache coming? Call in sick? Take a pill?

PS: So sorry this post is less than satisfactory. Just wanted to write something in case some 'followers' drop by.


  1. Hi:

    Botox: Dr. Charles Lee @ SMC. A shot will set you back RM800 (last time I tried)- ouch, that will cause a headache. Basically you'll be frownless for 8-9 months unless you do a follow up. Doing the maths, you pay RM100 to not to frown. Dr. uses a minute needle between your brows; stings less than a kilau podos' bite.

    Did I continue? No. Just what to find out what it is all about. Like I did with bungy-jumping over a New Zealand canyon once.

    Don't know about the migraines though.

    Rae G

  2. Hi Ms Tina..felling better? You just need enough sleep, drink lots of water and yea...sleep ..:)

    I used to take pills every time i have migraine, but it makes me depends on them! That's so unhealthy. I will feel so miserable when i forget to bring my pills, because i feel that i can't bear the pain without it..

    Get well soon!

  3. Rayner: Thanks for the info re Botox!

    Tata: I'm good as new... thanks! Had the migraine for 3 days straight but I took only one pill on the 3rd night. Now baru I tau how you migraine sufferers feel!